@WalmartLabs Donates to CodeChix

Photo of WalmartLabs's Salima Fassil presenting Rupa Dachere with Donation

WalmartLabs’s Salima Fassil (right) presents CodeChix Founder Rupa Dachere (left) with the donation.

Tim Kimmet (VP of Platform & Systems and Walmart Global eCommerce) and @WalmartLabs have graciously donated money to help CodeChix purchase both a projector and video camera, along with helping us cover our hosting costs! At our recent Red Hat OpenShift Workshop, @WalmartLabs Staff Engineer Salima Fassil presented our founder, Rupa, with a check for $2,500. The projector and video camera will help us bring our great events to you even if you’re unable to attend them in person.

Thank you, @WalmartLabs, for supporting our mission of helping educate and create a community of women by meeting face-to-face and gadget-to-gadget in a non-alpha, language/os agnostic, supportive environment. We aim to purchase and start using our new equipment soon!

May the code be with you!

Workshop Summary: OpenShift Tutorial by Red Hat on 7/26

CodeChix Bay Area partnered with Red Hat’s Mountain View, CA-based team to host a wonderful 2-hour workshop on OpenShift: Red Hat’s free, auto-scaling Platform as a Service (PaaS) for applications. Red Hat’s own Steven (Steve) Citron-Pousty gave a quick overview of OpenShift. Then, Steve and fellow Red Hat staff helped all 37 in attendance create OpenShift accounts, set up client tools on laptops, and create our own applications.

Steve has graciously sent us his slides so that all of you may benefit from the workshop:

A big thanks goes to Red Hat Mountain View for partnering up with us, providing the space to host our event, and for sponsoring food and beverages. We hope to work with them soon on planning a longer workshop in the future.

May the code be with you!

New CodeChix Seattle/Redmond Chapter!!

Hello CodeChix!

We’re very excited to announce that we have a new CodeChix chapter: CodeChix Seattle/Redmond, in Washington state!

CodeChix Seattle/Redmond is being started by Shaili Guru. Shaili has a background in Biology and recently switched to technology. She has learned about HTML, XHTML, CSS and C#. and is currently a tutor for C# at one of the colleges in Washington.

Shaili is very excited about starting the newest CodeChix chapter in Seattle/Redmond. In fact, she and CodeChix Seattle/Redmond just had their inaugural event:

CodeChix Seattle – Free Inaugural Workshop – HTML5, CSS
Wednesday, July 18, 6:30pm – 7:45pm

Shaili shared some of the feedback from the event, which I thought I would pass it along for all to get inspired and know that women developers outside the bay area are able to leverage our core group in the Bay Area and do fantastically well!

Top five, insights from the inauguration meeting of Seattle chapter of CodeChix:

  1. Great camaraderie and interaction between junior and senior developers who attended.
  2. Organic Q&A – no one person was “responsible for/expected” to answer questions – everyone pitched in to help answer questions.
  3. Excellent 1-1 feedback from all attendees after the meeting/workshop. Lots of positive energy.
  4. Immediately after the event, there are suggestions for follow-up events and webinars.
  5. Great atmosphere of support, technical knowhow and sharing.

Spread the word about CodeChix Seattle/Redmond!

Do you know of any women in the Seattle/Redmond, WA, area who would be interested in a local CodeChix chapter? Please send them to Shaili! For questions regarding the CodeChix Seattle chapter, please email Shaili at sgcodechix -at- gmail.com.

And, please check out CodeChix Seattle/Redmond’s online presences:

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/117533142807337861126
CodeChix website: http://www.codechix.org/seattle/

Please give a warm welcome to Shaili Guru and to the new CodeChix Seattle/Redmond chapter! And, may the code be with you!

Rupa Dachere
Founder, CodeChix

Represent and Volunteer with CodeChix at PyCon 2013 – March 13-21, 2013

(Posting on behalf of Rupa Dachere, CodeChix Founder)

Hi CodeChix!!

I had the great pleasure of attending PyCon 2012 earlier this year and cannot express how fantastic it was. I’m not much of a Python coder (yet) but going to PyCon infused and inspired me to an extent that I’m going to be writing a proposal for 2013!

So, CodeChix will be volunteering in a huge way at PyCon 2013. It is going to be in Santa Clara at the Santa Clara Convention Center from March 13 – 21, 2013 – right in our back yard. I believe I will get some passes which I will distribute to key volunteers.

So, please sign up for the following if you can:

1. Bag stuffing – filling bags with schwag in an assembly line fashion
2. Registration – helping with registration – note that the timings are not firm yet and can change closer to the conf date
3. Program committee – help out with organizing the conference.

It’s still a long way off, but, I wanted to put it on people’s radar so that you can plan for it. It is a great opportunity to learn, network and contribute.

Please let me know if you would like to volunteer and which categories you would like to volunteer for (1-3) above. I will collate a list and coordinate accordingly.

Expectations are that you will be representing CodeChix (wear a t-shirt or some other promo stuff), be punctual and do your part, have fun and learn a lot. If you can share some of your experience with the group after the conference, that would be awesome.

Of course, if you are a Python dev (or, like me, are attempting to be), please do submit a proposal for a talk – that would be super cool.

May the code be with you!

(on behalf of)
Rupa Dachere

Wed 7/11/2012 – Android Installfest/App Building 101

Kelley Nielsen presenting Android App Building 101

Here, Kelley Nielsen talks with attendees about the different components of Android applications.

We recently hosted a great two-part workshop where our own Kelley Nielsen showed us how to install Eclipse and the Android SDK on our laptops and kickstart our own Android app projects!  There were so many women who came to the originally-planned installfest that we needed a follow-up session to finish installing all of the components and actually get to the meat of building Android apps!  Part 1 was held on June 20th at 10gen in Palo Alto, and Part 2 was held on July 11th at VMware.  Thanks also to Crystie, Beth, and Chiu-Ki who helped people get their machines set up.

Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops on RedHat’s OpenShift PaaS on July 26th and Creating Browser Extensions planned for August!