@WalmartLabs Donates to CodeChix

Photo of WalmartLabs's Salima Fassil presenting Rupa Dachere with Donation

WalmartLabs’s Salima Fassil (right) presents CodeChix Founder Rupa Dachere (left) with the donation.

Tim Kimmet (VP of Platform & Systems and Walmart Global eCommerce) and @WalmartLabs have graciously donated money to help CodeChix purchase both a projector and video camera, along with helping us cover our hosting costs! At our recent Red Hat OpenShift Workshop, @WalmartLabs Staff Engineer Salima Fassil presented our founder, Rupa, with a check for $2,500. The projector and video camera will help us bring our great events to you even if you’re unable to attend them in person.

Thank you, @WalmartLabs, for supporting our mission of helping educate and create a community of women by meeting face-to-face and gadget-to-gadget in a non-alpha, language/os agnostic, supportive environment. We aim to purchase and start using our new equipment soon!

May the code be with you!

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