On this particular International Women’s Day


First published March 2017

This is a very special International Women’s Day.  It is unlike any other in history.

While we have made tremendous progress in breaking barriers and venturing into “forbidden” fields of research, development and engineering, we are in a world that is about as unpredictable as we have ever seen in our lifetimes.

Today, women are facing unprecedented hurdles on every front – hurdles that we had fought and conquered well in the past.  Hurdles that our predecessors had sacrificed their lives and families for.  Hurdles that none of us had thought would rise from the ashes to take new form and confront us like a vengeful demon.

And because we are faced with these unprecedented challenges on this particular International Women’s Day, I want to say that we, at CodeChix, will continue to pursue our mission and persevere through these difficult times.

One day, I hope that I will not have to celebrate a special “International Women’s Day”.  That, everyday will be special for women.  That, one day, we will celebrate an “International Equality Day” to recognize and internalize an equal footing for both men and women in the workplace, at home and in the community.

To all the formidable, strong, fighters (both women and men) who fought for our rights, our freedom of choice and independence of lifestyle and thought, I hope that we will overcome the formidable hurdles in our way once more and prevail.

The path is long and brutal.  And completely worth fighting for.  For ourselves and the generations that are watching and learning from us.  For our future leaders.  We must stand together and lead the way through our actions.  Every little bit counts.

May the code be with you.  Today and always.

  • Rupa Dachere

    • Founder and Executive Director